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    Bard Summer School 2018 – Wednesday the 4th of July to Saturday the 7th July

    Bard Summer School explores the Irish myths and goes on a unique journey of discovery for their contemporary relevance. All of these myths have lasted thousands of years and have been handed down through Ireland’s oral tradition.

    There is a place for everyone on the school and Bard has welcomed participants from all over the world. The Summer School is three and a half days in duration and concludes with the annual Bard Féasta, a Celtic feast.

    What Happens?

    • We read and hear the Stories and Myths from the old texts and the oral tradition.
    • We explore how our Irish Myths are similar and different to those of other cultures.
    • We ask some big questions like: What story/myth do I live by? What story/myth do I want to live by?
    • We have an exciting, challenging and enjoyable few days consisting of daily workshops which include storytelling, group discussions, laughter, song, dance, music and poetry.
    • We go into the landscape and taste its antiquity and we are entertained by the Islanders who charm us with their unique heritage.


    Adam Wyeth is an award-winning poet, playwright and essayist living in Dublin. Adam’s second book, The Hidden World of Poetry: Unravelling Celtic Mythology in Contemporary Irish Poetry (2013) contains poems from Ireland’s leading poets followed by sharp essays that unpack each poem and explore its Celtic mythological references. 



    For those wishing to attend with their family, we are delighted to announce that we will once again run the Children’s Bard, parallel to the adult school, where they will experience the myths and legends through storytelling and drama and share these wonderful experiences with children who live on the island.

    The Bard Festival hosts evening entertainment such as the annual Islander’s Night, where we experience local music, poetry song and dance performed by the people of Clare Island.

    More information on this link.


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